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Beauty array

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Weight : 12g


Price: £15.00

If you are a believer, a piece of jewelry will be your number one supporter. Feel free to be yourself and believe in miracles. This silver bracelet will emphasize your beauty and it will bring you the confidence you need


Sterling silver bracelet. Ideal for everyday wear, at work and about


Colour: sterling silver

Composition: 925 sterling silver

Bracelet size 18.5 cm 7.10 inch


NB: All sizes are approximate

•Never let perfume or cosmetics spray get on your jewellery
•Do not wear your jewellery while in bed, in the bath, gardening, doing housework or exercising
•Avoid chlorinated or saltwater and household cleaning products
•Sudden temperature changes can damage certain gemstones
•Protect your jewellery from scratching and tangling by storing each piece separately
•Silver tarnishes in air particularly in hot and humid weather, remove light tarnish with a silver polishing cloth and heavier discolouration with silver dip
•Gift boxed