Have you ever been in this situation

Have you ever walked into a jewelry store and everywhere you looked you saw jewelry that’s just perfect for you? Yeah, me neither. Even though you’re unique and have your own personal aesthetic, jewelry retailers think that customizing means just offering you an initial or a birthstone. That means your jewelry gets to be like a million others, and the fashion faux pas abound.
You know these situations all too well. You’re dazzling the crowd at a party with the beautiful dress you spent two months looking for and shelled out big bucks to own. You look amazing—but then in waltzes that one girl who always gets under your skin. What do you know, she manages to ruin the day again: she’s wearing the exact same outfit as you. Since sinking through the floor isn’t an option, you have to decide between pretending she doesn’t exist or scurrying for the nearest exit. Don’t make eye contact and maybe no one else will notice before you escape.
Our jewelry choices aren’t immune to this problem, either. No matter how much we spend, everyone seems to be getting the same sorts of things. Uniqueness is out the door and mass production is in.
I’m tired of blending in with the crowd—that’s why I’m ditching the glittering redundancy of commercialized jewelry and delighting in handmade jewelry!
Now, I get to smile when people come up to me and exclaim, “Where did you buy that gorgeous bracelet?” Designing your own jewelry is about more than the (admittedly wonderful) thirty-five seconds of fame when you tell people you’re the creator. It’s the chance for your personality to shine and for you to own something that is exclusively for you.
Do you want jewelry that’s distinctive, represents who you are, and looks amazing? Now you too can own a piece of jewelry that’s uniquely you! At magennisjewellery.com we work with you to create the truly individual, self-designed jewelry that you need. Contact us here to start your own creation process!


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