Is he wearing it?

When you look at your boyfriend, your fiancé, your husband, what do you see? What do you notice about him?
We usually just see our partners casually dressed, or putting on the same old suit, and we get used to it. A nice watch here, a good tie there, but we can’t put our finger on what’s missing to make them look truly special.
If your partner looks nice, dresses well, and wears a pleasant aftershave, it’s easy to think that’s good enough. When relaxing at home or out on a date, you can appreciate that he looks fine. But is something missing anyway?
When this thought occurred to me about my own husband, I spent weeks trying to discover the answer, but I couldn’t. Eventually, I gave up and forgot about it—until one day, while I was travelling in Italy on vacation, the lightbulb went off. I spotted a man on the street and couldn’t look away from his wrist. After a minute, the gentleman noticed my fixation and stepped over to show me his beautiful bracelet. “It’s a gift from my wife,” he explained, then he showed me the matching necklace: a gorgeous chain, not too thin or too thick, with a silver pendant dangling from it. I asked him where the set had come from, and he told me that his wife had had it custom-made for him.
At that moment, I realised what my husband’s look had been missing. I had been wishing for something that would enhance his appearance, something elegant but masculine. I was fascinated with the idea of giving him jewelry—I just had to create something special for my own husband, something I would be proud to see him wear all our lives.
Give your man a symbol of love to cherish, a keepsake that will always be priceless to him. To make him a gift unlike anything he’s had before, email us at and let us help you design and produce unique, stunning jewelry for your loved one. The subtle personal touches that only you can bring will turn any piece of jewelry into an intimate expression of your love and devotion!

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