The Benefits of Wearing Silver Jewellery

Jewellery is deeply entrenched in the human culture since the early ages humanity has adorned precious stones and jewels. Silver has been one of the metals humankind has been working with since 4000 B.C. Today it is the most coveted base for jewellery on the market.
This isn’t without reason; there are many advantages to wearing silver jewellery. Firstly, it is a very light material so wearing it doesn’t wear you down. Furthermore, silver jewellery looks well with pretty much any outfit combination and any skin tone which makes it appeal to everyone. In addition to this, silver provides a much more viable option than gold. It is compatible with almost any precious stones and costs much less than gold, while arguably looking much better than gold as well. There is another benefit of silver which may seem very unusual but has a documented history; it is the benefit it has on the wearer’s health.

Silver is, and has been, used throughout various cultures in history for its antimicrobial nature. Meaning that it has been used for centuries for purposes such as sterilization, bacteria elimination, in the case of a fungus. It helps protect you against flu and other diseases by ionizing the oxygen present inside the bacteria. This causes havoc in the bacteria, eventually killing them.

Furthermore, silver is a great agent to identify toxicity, a person wearing silver jewellery will be able to determine if they’re in the presence of any toxic materials. Due to specific chemical properties, silver changes color when in the presence of toxicity, the change in color will alert the wearer to a potential toxic threat.
It also has a whole host of other help benefits, due to its metallic nature and the conductive field surrounding silver. The conductive field notably helps regulate blood flow and body temperature, but that’s not all it also plays a crucial role in warding off any harmful electromagnetic radiations. These electromagnetic radiations are emitted by phones and computers as well, which most people use almost all the time. The stimulation of blood flow reportedly has led to people feeling less distracted and more focused as well, improving one’s overall mood. Moreover, silver helps keep body vessels elastic, which allows it to stimulate and strengthen skin repair and maintenance as well.
Silver also plays a crucial role in helping one sleep, the stimulation of blood flow and body temperature successfully help people relax better and fall asleep easier. In addition to this, wearing silver has been reported by medical professionals as being able to alleviate the pain of arthritis. It’s ability to keep blood vessels elastic enables it to stimulate bone formation and healing.

The health benefits of silver seem enough reason to buy them. However, it is imperative that anyone allergic to silver does not wear silver jewellery. Wearing silver while allergic may lead to a severe rash or discoloration. For those who are not allergic, the benefits of silver are there to reap

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