Why bieng different is a good thing

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Women Women Women are you in control of your look? Women are gracious and fragile, so getting the right outfit is essential.
Can you regain your beauty with a little touch of silverware? I used to love the high street shops. But buying from the high street came with the risk of seeing someone else wearing the same dress, jewellery or shoes. It is embarrassing when that happens. Especially when you go to special events such as weddings. birthdays or just getting out for a good time with friends.
I was addicted to shopping on the high street until I found myself staring at someone who was wearing the same earrings as I was wearing. The week before, I went shopping for my friend’s wedding. I was very proud and happy to have such beautiful earrings. They were not cheap, around £52. I said to myself that it was a bit expensive so the chance of seeing someone else wearing the same earing at the same venue was zero to none.
Big mistake, in fact as I was parking my car, I saw a lady with the same earrings entering the reception room. They were so distinctive and unusual that it was not a surprise that people were also staring at her. Luckily for me I had just arrived and wasn’t seen yet. So, I was able to remove my earrings. I spent the entire evening with no earrings
I decided that I would make my own jewellery and never again wear anything from the high street. It is very common to have people wearing the same outfit. But that fateful day, I decided not to be a victim again. I do not want to strip myself of my fine garments because someone else has chosen to buy the same ring or bracelet.
My designs are not the conventional high street designs and material. My jewellery is created by hand and made with basic tools.
I use different materials and simple designs to create a piece of jewellery. Everything is manually made with no machines involved. My designs are rustic almost artisanal which makes them unique.

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