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Grey Beauty set

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Weight : 10.2g


Price: £15.00

Silver Sterling necklace. Ideal for every day wear, at work and about

Colour: Silver / grey

Composition: sterling silver

Necklace Length: 23 cm 

Silver Sterling Chain Length: 22 cm

Pendant:  length: 0.5 mm



Composition: sterling silver 

Colour: silver / grey

Length: 1.5 cm

They say that black is the symbol of elegance and we couldn't agree more because it is a mysterious and passionate color at the same time. Every time you wear black, you feel confident, sexy and elegant, that's why we are proposing you this jewelry set that has the elegant and classy features you need for a complete attire. Wear the "black beauty silver set every time you feel the need, when you go at parties or when you go out with friends, either way this jewelry set will match your outfits and your personality.