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Infinite style Silver Necklace

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Price: £30.00


This is the statement behind this brand new "Infinite style silver necklace. It's designed for that perfect beauty which represents every successful woman out there. The pendant is made of sterling silver and it is crafted to perfection, just to offer you that sense of confidence and style you deserve. Be proud of who you are and remember that your beauty is forever.



Colour: silver

Composition: sterling silver

Length 26 cm 10.26 inch

Chain Length: 22 cm 8.66 inch

Pendant: 4 cm 1.7 inch

·         Never let perfume or cosmetics spray get on your jewellery

·         Do not wear your jewellery while in bed, in the bath, gardening, doing housework or exercising

·         Avoid chlorinated or saltwater and household cleaning products

·         Sudden temperature changes can damage certain gemstones

·         Protect your jewellery from scratching and tangling by storing each piece separately

·         Silver tarnishes in air particularly in hot and humid weather, remove light tarnish with a silver polishing cloth and heavier discolouration with silver dip

·         Gift boxed