A child love

Mama I love you.
Maman je t’aime
Te amo mamá

Is there a word, a sentence to express my love?
Love, infinity, feeling, senses, admiration, just for you
Hospital, bed, midwife, crying and my anticipated arrival.
A piercing sound, laughing, joy despite your pain.

My feeder, cleaner, raiser, doctor, teacher.
My cook, waitress, you excel with every dish.
My spoiler, defender, accuser, you are my judge and my jury.
My chauffer, my tour guide and travel companion.
You are my everything and my star.

No one choses a family to be born into.
No one choses to be born from a single mum or adopted.
No one choses a mum to be born from.
No one choses a street or a house to be born into.
It Is always a mystery where we are born.

No one choses to be born black, yellow, or white.
No one choses to be born into a poor or rich family.
No one choses to be born in Hollywood or a ghetto.
Each of us lives with the memory of a childhood.
But never to deny who we are or forget our upbringing.

You made me who I am, the good, the bad, the unknown of me is no longer your responsibility.
Take a big breath and do not look back, your pain was worth it.
I am flying without your protective wings,
Your job as a mother was done with flying colours.

Thank you, mama, there is nothing, just nothing in this world to return the favour.
My love for you may not be enough.
I leave this letter tinted with my tears expressing my love for you.

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