FREE standard delivery with orders over £70. (standard charges apply below £70).

Please note, that gift cards and e-gift cards cannot be returned or refunded, if you’re having problems with a gift card, (contact us at 07862042800 or email us at

If you are contacting us online or by phone, you have the right to cancel all or part of your order for a gift card at any time up to 14 calendar days after the day on which you place your order, provided none of the balance has been spent.

Please see our (Terms and Conditions for further details. Please note that if you cancel a gift card you will not be required to return the physical gift card to

M&S gift cards and e-gift cards are valid for 60 months with prices ranging from £50 to £250 and can be used to pay for most things online. When you’ve finished shopping, you can select ‘Pay by gift card at the checkout.

Where can I use my gift card/e-gift card?

E-gift cards and physical can only be used online at

What can I buy with my gift card/e-gift card?

You can buy any article displayed online.

Can I get the cashback from my gift card?


How much money can I put on a gift card/e-gift card?

You can spend £50.00, £50.00, £50.00, £50.00, £50.00 for both physical and e-gift cards.

I’ve spent the money on my gift card/e-gift card. What do I do with it now?

Your gift card has been shared with your loved one with a gift number. They can redeem the gift number for the next purchase on the checkout page before placing the order.

What happens if my gift card is lost, stolen, or damaged?

We advise all our clients with a physical gift card to take great of their cards as we will not replace any damaged, lost, or stolen card. It is your responsibility to take care of your gift card.

Where do I find my gift card/e-gift card PIN?

An email will immediately be sent to you when you purchase your E-gift card and your physical gift card, a confirmation of your PIN card will be sent by post.

How can I check my gift card/e-gift card balance?

Your gift card will be associated with your online gift card account. You will be able to check it when you log into your account.

Is there an expiry date for my gift card/e-gift card?

Yes, your e-gift card or Physical card expiration date is 60 months from the date of purchase which will be confirmed by email and a letter posted to you.

Can I purchase corporate gift cards online?

Unfortunately, we do not provide this facility at the moment but will be working to make this option available in the future.