Who Is Magennis Jewellery and Why Order with Us?

Sylvie Magennis always loves to utilise the traditional techniques of jewellery making. One day, she had the vision to also utilise traditional materials, such as ebony wood, shell including cowry shells, along with the additions of real gold and silver, to create jewellery for that select group of people who appreciate connecting with nature.

The ideas for our handmade jewellery come mainly from Africa, including the Ivory Coast and Burkina Fasso. We aim to share this traditional custom jewellery to new customers by offering something different than the usual mass-produced materials worn by most people.

Magennis Jewellery has one unique selling point that results in no two items of their jewellery ever looking exactly the same. We want our
customers to be proud to own a design that has been created unique for them, whether it’s their own design idea, or one of our own design team inspirations.

How Can You Benefit from Magennis Repair and Engraving Jewellery Shop?

Today, Magennis Jewellery is comprised of a team who values your jewellery and takes great care to create it, along with our additional services. We are able to repair your treasured rings in and out, and provide engraving services. If you want to revitalise your cherished heirlooms, we also have a gold plating and rhodium plating service on all types of jewellery. Our longterm goal is to be able to shift all repairs and handmade creations to another level.

Our customers can be assured that we buy our gold and silver metals from a reputable supplier based in the UK, which also allows us to be competitive in prices.

Our customers are from all over the world. We ship to most countries. Magennis Jewellery is doing our best to leave an everlasting footprint on each item of jewellery we work on, no material what types of materials it has been created from. We take great care in working with each jewellery material, whether it is one of our own creations, or we are repairing a customer’s special treasure.

Here at Magennis Jewellery we aim to provide our customers with the best jewellery experience that they may never have experienced in the past.

We look forward to interacting with new and return customers, and can’t wait to deliver your next treasured jewellery item into your care.


2017 To present Value Added Tax and computerised accounting level 2 Premier training

2002-2009 BSc (hons)Business Information Technology South Bank University

2003-2003 AAT preparing ledger balances & an initial trial balance

2000-2002 City & Guilds Diploma in Information Technology and Electronic Serving

1990-1994 Weston College, English language studies

1980-1986 lycée de jeunes filles Jeanne D’Orlean France


2014-2014 Commercial Awareness & Practitioner Programme online Training (CAPPOLDefense Academy)

2014-2014 Financial Skills Certificate HM Treasury

2013-2014 Certificate ECDL level 2 in IT User Skills The Chartered Institute for IT


I am a keen music enthusiast and enjoying playing the drums