About Us


Magennisjewellery is your one-stop jewellery place for ethnical handmade unique designs that will leave you in awe. Our designs come with an aura that is just spectacular. They also come with a personal touch because we never do the same design twice. When you buy your jewellery from us, you can be sure that you would turn heads. They are personalized in a way that makes you stand out.

Our jewellery collection is so versatile that you would find something that suits you. Our jewelleries are not European alone but reflect a variety of tastes and ethnicity. We make the designs with an unmatched devotion and passion that make them turn out breath-taking. Our jewelleries give women around the world an experience that is mostly unexplainable. They make you feel instantly valued, adorned and beautiful. If you want to feel special, you should be wearing one of our collections already.

We know that you have a piece of jewellery that represents more than just precious stones to you. Now you can have them for as long as you want. If your special jewellery needs repair, Magennis Jewellery is where you will get flawless work. Our repair service includes a stone matching process that gives your jewellery a new appropriate look. You will have a bold stunning piece put together through our refitting service.

Because our jewellery are handmade, they reflect our passion and a beauty that is exuded only at Magennis Jewellery. If you are looking to get jewellery that transforms you instantly or are looking to repair a special piece that is broken, get in touch with us immediately. We will be glad to give you a jewelling experience that you would love. 


We choose to work with stellar designs and amazing precious metals, stones and jewellery products that help you make that final impression at work or at the wedding party! Our jewellery business is not just about repair and mending, we create a different kind of jewellery that imbibes gold, silver, platinum and combine with shells, corries and other products.

But jewellery does not remain perfect forever! Here's where we come in with our services! At Magennis Jewellery, we repair jewellery that is damaged and broken! We help mend pieces that are damaged or broken.

We also build pieces ethically using the best practices. If you are interested in jewellery repair, we are the experts that come in. Whatever your requirements, we have an expert team that is here to help. Our professional repairers are trained to manage the repairs well. Unlike most other jewellery shops, we do not have a back room that carries out occasional repairs. We have a wealth of experience and offer you the best repairs at professional prices.

Your valuable possessions are in our hands and we deliver the best service all the time. We are just not an online repair shop and are a family run, close knit business serving clients in Hampshire. You can drop in at our shop and hand over the broken jewellery at any time; we help you discretely and offer confidential services. Your valuables are safe with us and we help save the day for you!

Since every piece of jewellery hallmark jewellery and handmade jewellery has a story to tell the best heirlooms and designer jewellery get the best possible attention. We deliver on our promise!