Some of the most common reasons for a stone falling out are regular use and everyday wear. There could be a tear to the claws that hold a stone to the ring. This ring setting and claws need to be firmly in place. We inspect the ring settings and claws and often replace the stone to have it firmly in place. We carry out the following repairs:

  • All jewellery repairs including ring sizing, bracelet repairs, setting missing stones or diamonds and restringing necklaces
  • We give you a free estimate of repairs to be carried out on your jewellery items
  • We have a fast turnaround time. In case you need stones, we may just replace it in a few weeks depending on the complexity of the repair.
  • Most of our repair work is guaranteed for one year
  • We carry out repairs that a lot of jewellers do not attempt to.
  • We take absolute care of your valuables and return it to you after they have been beautifully restored.


  1. We will send you a prepaid envelope with a form to complete. Please explain in detail what you want done to your jewellery and place it in the envelope with your jewellery.
  2. You can also pop in to our studio and hand in your jewellery for repairs.
  3. Make sure that the envelope is firmly sealed before posting. We advise that a photograph is taken when putting the items in the envelope and also if possible when handing the envelope to the post office. We recommended that extra care is taken when sending valuable items.
  4. We advise the sender to get and retain a proof of posting. It is proof that the envelope has been sent to us.
  5. If you are not sure about the nature of your jewellery’s material when filling in the form, do not worry. The first thing we do when we receive your jewellery is to check to determine what it is made of. We will advise you as to what it is made of.
  6. When we receive your jewellery an automated email is sent to you, followed by a text message. We will then follow up with a phone call to reassure you that we have safely received your items.
  7. Our repair evaluation will comprise the duration of the work, the material(s) used and the complexity of the task.
  8. An additional check is made to authenticate the nature of the material or any stone that is part of your jewellery.
  9. We will check any hallmarks to corroborate with the description of your jewellery.
  10. We recommend you upload a picture of your items when filling in the form for insurance purposes.
  11. We will contact you to give you an estimate of the work. Please note our price range and minimum charges listed on the website.
  12. When both parties agree to a repair price, this cost will be taken prior to the repair being undertaken.
  13. We will ask for full payment before we undertake the repair on your jewellery.
  14. We will ask you which payment facility you prefer. We will accept cheques. But until payment is cleared, we will not start work on your jewellery. In this instance, please allow 5 working days for the cheque to clear.
  15. We will contact you when your item is ready to be collected or to be sent to you.