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This Website, is operated by magennisjewellery and whose main trading address is 12 Cedar Close Elson Gosport Hampshire PO12 4AT


Definitions and Interpretation

In this Agreement the following terms shall have the following meanings:


"We/Us/Our "means magennisjewellery   whose main trading address is 12 Cedar Close Elson Gosport Hampshire PO12 4AT.


"Account "means collectively the personal information, Payment Information and credentials used by Users to access Material and / or any communications System on the Website.


"Content "means any text, graphics, images, audio, video, software, data compilations and any other form of information capable of being stored in a computer that appears on or forms part of this Website.


"Licence "means the terms and conditions governing your use of Material purchased from this Website.


 "Service "means collectively any online facilities, tools, services, or information that magennisjewellery makes available through the Website either now or in the future.


"User"/ "Users "means any third party that accesses the Website and is not employed by magennisjewellery and acting in the course of their employment.


"Website "means the website that you are currently using ( unless expressly excluded by their own terms and conditions.



Our estimations and Quotes including the Terms and Conditions laid hereby constitute the entire agreement between us, Magennis Jewellery, and you the customer which establishes the provision of our repairs and services and oversee and replaces any prior written or oral agreements, representations, or understandings



If you the customer had accepted our T&C, The Estimated time and Quote, we will make sure that we carry out the repair and service with appropriate level of expertise, skill, and care.

Note: When we start the repair or related service requested, you will not be able to cancel or withdraw from the contract.



Your payments are collected via our secure online payment shopping card which is provided by a third party PAYPAL. Your payments card is not stored, and we do not have access to your card details including your security code. Your card and card details are secure throughout the duration of the transaction.

Your payment will be required before any service or repairs is undertaken. Our payment terms can be negotiated at Magennis Jewellery discretion. But the work will only be carried out, if you, the customer pays in full the repair or service fee

Our Payment facility is not restricted to online payment. We can also take payment over the phone, and it will be processed by a third-party Barclays card reader handheld computer. 



We will refund you if we are unable to complete your repair or service when exceptional circumstances are involved. A full refund is made at the discretion of Magennis Jewellery.



The repair can be delayed by natural and disaster, unforsaken majeure phenomena such strikes, attacks, official restriction, and event beyond our control. We will contact you and discuss the progress or postpone the delivery of your piece of jewellery depending on the nature and scale of the event faced.


If we start working on your piece of jewellery and we discover that there is additional work, service which were not included in the original estimate and need to be carried out, we will contact you (THE CLIENT) strait away and inform you of the additional element either the service or repair.


We will send you and updated estimate of the additional work or service for your approval (THE CLIENT). The updated will include the original estimate plus the additional estimate

If you the CLIENT approve the new estimate, then we will carry out and proceed to finish the work

If you (THE CLIENT) do not approve the new estimate and insist to stick to the original estimate, we Magennis Jewellery will make a calculated decision not to proceed if the outcome will damage or affect the overall result of the repair and make I worse.

When this happens, you (THE CLIENT) will be fully refunded and your item sent back to you by royal mail first class sign for but not trackable, unless you instruct us to send it to you by other means at a cost to you (THE CLIENT).

We can continue working on your piece of jewellery at the risk that you (THE CLIENT), takes full responsibility of the outcome of the repair or service requested. We Magennis Jewellery will not be responsible during and after the work is done and your piece of jewellery sent to you.


If for any reason you the (THE CLIENT) decides to cancel when repair or service had started and insist on having your piece of jewellery return to you, we will collaborate with you to resolve the issue and come with an agreement as to find a way to move forward. But if you (THE CLIENT) want the repair or service stopped completely and return to you, we will return your piece of jewellery the way it was when you (THE CLIENT) stopped the repair or service, complete or incomplete by first class sign for not trackable.


Note: you (THE CLIENT) will not be refunded partially or fully on the payment you made to us Magennis Jewellery to carry out the repair or service. By cancelling the repair mid-way, (THE CLIENT) you break the contract you are bound with in connection with your transaction with Magennis Jewellery.

Note: by taking any of this decision or route (THE CLIENT) waves all right to complaint.


We are a reputable business and will not tolerate client who send us stolen good for repair or service. If a client sends us a stolen or an item which has been reported as stolen item, we will perform I duty and report the stolen item to the relevant authorities.


We have the duty to hand over the item to the authorities who have the right and authority to determine the legal ownership of the stolen item. This will be the procedure we will follow unless a mutual agreement is reached between the current owner and former owner. Please note that the item will be kept until ownership is determined.

If a repair or service have been carried out or being carry out before the fact, meaning that we have not been aware of the item been a stolen, the current owner who paid for the repair or service will not have his/her fee refundable.



We will always return your piece of jewellery to the address you provided when you filled the order form. Under no circumstances we will chose to post it to a different address. Unless instructed otherwise

I you (THE CLIENT) want your piece of jewellery to be returned to you by other means, then you (THE CLIENT) should inform us, and an arrangement will be made at your (THE CLIENT) own expense.

Note: We, Magennis Jewellery will not be held responsible for damages and lost occurred during this transaction, if you opt to choose other means, you (THE CUSTOMER) waive all rights to complaints or challenges.


Your address we old through registering with us should also be your billing address I you would like to have your piece of jewellery sent to a different address, then proceed with your payment as normal, then send us an email requesting a change of your delivery address the same time you make the payment.

We Magennis Jewellery, will always return your jewellery to the address you provided to us during the process of registration. Any change of address should be sent in writing, by email at or by 12 Cedar Close Gosport PO12 4AT.You can also notify that on the order form that the delivery will be different from your registered address.


Note: Magennis Jewellery will not be held responsible for you (THE CLIENT) providing a different address to what we have registered into our website if you did not give us prior notification of change of address.

It Is you (THE CLIENT) who is responsible to provide us with your up-to-date address and name, to register on our website if this is applicable.


You must contact us immediately by writing, via email or formal letter, so that we can start a claim against royal mail

 Note: you will be requested to provide a proof of sales receipt or if requested a valuation document, without these documents your claim will not be successful.



You (THE CLIENT) will only pay for sending your piece of jewellery if you (THE CLIENT) proceed with your repair or service requested order.


The pre-pay envelopes came with a £750 insurance tag.

 They can be increase to £1000 and £2500 with a minimum fee, which can apply to your pre-pay envelop at the time your piece of jewellery is being posted

Note: is it recommended to keep your receipts from the post office, which will be required if you (THE CLIENT) start a claim.


When we receive you piece of jewellery, we will Analyse it, make an estimate and quote for the repair or service to be carried out. We will try to contact you and make multiple attempts to contact you by mail, email, and telephone or mobile phone. If we do not get a response from you (THE CLIENT) in the reasonable allocated time determined to be reasonable by us Magennis Jewellery, we will return your piece of jewellery to you (THE CLIENT) at the address registered with us by 1st class Royal Mail, sign for, with no insurance and un-trackable.


There will be occasion where Magennis Jewellery may not be able to guarantee a repair or service. If this is the case, we will explain why and the possible outcome of the repair or service. You (THE CLIENT) will have the opportunity to seek clarification BEFORE proceeding with the payment of your repair or service.

We guaranty all our repairs and services for a year. Unless we Magennis Jewellery specified in the estimate and quote that your repair or service requested will not be guaranteed and an explanation will be given to you prior to the repair or service being carried out


Note: We will only guaranty the repairs and services that we provide, and the guaranty will not cover damages caused by you (THE CLIENT) or any wear and tear.



You (THE CLIENT) can make a claim under the Magennis Jewellery guarantee. Your claim should be made in writing to us within the time limit of the guarantee. Your jewellery will be analysed and if the damage or repair is covered by our 1-year guaranty scheme then the repair will be done and return to you at you (THE CLIENT) cost.



We thrive to provide the best customer service and jewellery service you can possibly have. Your repair came with a 1-year warranty. If the repair service is not done to your satisfaction, we will do our best to rectify the problem.


If for any reason you are not happy with the service we provided, you must contact us. Please submit your complaint in writing giving all details and reasons why you are not happy at If you are still not happy, then you can contact and the ombudsman


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