Floating love silver necklace

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Silver sterling necklace, 21 cm Ideal for every day wear, at work and about

Caution! This necklace can attract a lot of attention! You know people will stare, so make it worth their while. Whenever you decide to attend to a big and classy event, you have to know that the details are very important. All eyes will be on you, but don't worry, we have just what you need. In fashion, details are related to accessories, that's why we have crafted this Floating love silver necklace, to bring the love for fashion in front of everyone's eyes. The necklace goes excellent with a backless and strapless dress making you look sensual and elegant at the same time. The small and soft pendant will emphasise your eyes and the sensual silver chain will make all eyes go further admiring the dress, transforming you in one of the greatest looking guests to any event. Don't be afraid to be beautiful and remember: it's all about the details.

8″10 chain
1.0 cm
0.20 “

Weight 2.4 g


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