Handmade Round shaped unity bangle

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sterling silver bangles women, Handmade, a simple and stylish accessory is always
better than many jewels worn all at once. If this bracelet means something to
you and you enjoy the simple, yet elegant accessories, this unity bracelet is
perfect for you


925 Solid sterling silver round shaped bangles

Silver Round bangles with different wire shapes and dimensions 

range:  From 2.00 mm to 5.0 mm Thick, Size: 14.5g


Size: 5.5 cm 2.16 inch to 10 cm 3.93 inch wide


Small to Large

If you cannot see your size, please request to have
it made for you at no addtionnal cost. Allow a week to receive it after you
paid for your order. Thanks

All sizes are approximate

contact us at info@magennisjewellery.com to engrave your bracelet

Weight 10.2 g

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